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Dual Height Training / Display Perch

We have designed this perch for training birds, or for Falconers giving displays, etc. It comes in its own carry case, approximately 87cm long  (30"), and is supplied in four sections which screw together with M10. The steelwork is all stainless, with a solid steel spike and heavy duty ground plate.It has two sectional upright tubes with one section 27" and a second at 20" having a generous size T perch which will accommodate the larger birds, and weighs approximately 2kg.

(Please note: This perch is not designed or suitable to use to tether birds, and is not supplied with a tie ring).

This perch is made to order.

Images courtesy of  Chris Naylor  and The Peckforton Castle Hotel

£82.00 inclusive of postage and packing


Training Perch