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Crown Falconry is a Trade Member

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Thank you to the Welsh Hawking Club and Andy Hulme for the use of their hawking images

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£165.00 inclusive of postage and packing


Eagle Block

Spiked Block Perches

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Arabian Style Block Perch
Designed by Crown Falconry to simulate natural perching the moulded rubber top has a random texture and is removable for ease of cleaning.

All our block perches are hand turned, finished and assembled here in our own workshops. We use only the finest hand selected American black walnut and American red cherry, both of which are durable, weather resistant hardwoods. They are finished off with hard wearing exterior varnish.

Complete with a stainless steel spike, ground plate and tie ring, 

American Red Cherry

American Black Walnut

Spiked Block Perch models with moulded rubber top.

Eagle Block Perch

Hand turned 300 mm (113/4") hardwood block perch with our unique removable rubber top, suitable for eagles up to Golden Eagle and European Eagle Owl size, with a 16 mm  solid stainless steel spike, tie ring and ground plate.

Golden Eagle images courtesy of Kalba Bird of Prey Centre UAE and Chris Naylor and The Peckforton Castle Hotel

We can now supply all of our rubber topped perches in a variety of colours, Black, Green and Brown are the standard colours but any of the colours in the adjacent swatch can be made to order. This applies to all  our perches including Bow Perches and the High Perches

£78.00 inclusive of postage and packing


8 “

£68.00 inclusive of postage and packing







£57.00 inclusive of postage and packing