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Manufactured from stainless steel, with the body support having a reinforced stainless steel plate covered in Sedgwick’s best quality bridle leather, the arm rest is adjustable both in rotation and height. This brace needs to be supported with a shoulder strap (not supplied with the brace).

Images courtesy of Allan Robertson, Dr David Fox, David Fox Jnr and Star

Please note this item is only made to order.


Eagle Arm Brace

£125.00 inclusive of postage and packing


                                    Dr. DAVID  GLYNNE FOX

With the current rise in eagle falconry in the UK, this book is a timely arrival. The book covers the history of falconry, mostly in the UK but some Continental and American eagle falconers are also included. This section is packed full of stories and anecdotes from many eagle falconers, some now alas no longer with us, and some of these inclusions may well have been lost forever but have been preserved within these pages for posterity.

The book also covers the training and flying of Golden Eagles directly from the personal experiences of the author who has been flying eagles for half a century. However, this book is not, and was never intended to be, a textbook but hopefully many budding eagle falconers should find useful hints and tips. Eagle field meets are also covered, as is the future of eagle falconry in these islands. The formation of the British Falconers Club Eagle Group is also covered in some detail.

Eagle Falconry, which is published by Falcon Leisure, has over 200 pages, is illustrated with a further 32 pages of specially taken colour photographs, and appears in an edition of 500 copies.      


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Eagle  Arm Brace

Foreword by Dr David Glynne Fox

I was delighted when the BFC’s membership secretary, rang to inform me that Jim Moss of Crown Falconry was in the process of manufacturing an eagle arm brace and would I be interested in field testing it for him. Indeed I was and after a few modifications, and a full blown test on an eagle field meet, the small imperfections were ironed out, producing a product that is highly suitable for eagle falconry. I have no reservations in recommending it to all eagle falconers, for not has it removed all the physiological conditions experienced with all other methods, but it frees up the right hand which, on frosty days, can be kept in the jacket pocket for warmth.